Best of “Lean startup videos”

Lean Startup 101  for developers by Abby Fichtner.

Stanford e-Corner videos on Lean Startup by Eric Ries.


A collection of my “best of” startup resources

Stanley Tang put together a wonderful collection comprising the following key areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • General startup advice
  • The idea
  • Product strategy
  • Running the company
  • Startup culture
  • Assembling your team
  • Sales & marketing
  • Business model & monetization
  • Venture capital, funding & equity
  • Legal

Tom Eisenmann from Harvard Business School compiled a very valuable reading list for his new “Launching Tech Ventures” program:

  • Lean Startup concepts
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Product management
  • Customer conversion funnel analysis/optimization
  • B2B selling
  • Public relations
  • Business Development
  • Recruiting/Organizational issues
  • More books and tools

Gabriel Weinberg’s good old resource compilation covers the following topics:

  • Financial
  • General (Startups)
  • Legal
  • Marketing & sales
  • Programming
  • References/Research (General)
  • Technology/Software/Services to use

Interesting invention and innovation related statistics

In the light of my current research endeavour I stumbled across the following site: It deals with many quotes and data about invention success rates  and the odds of inventor success among others. For academic purposes, the quality and reliability of the sources and data is probably at least questionnable. Nevertheless, it is still a good source for citations in presentations to at least back up certain statements to some extent.

LinkedIn revealed 3 relevant “lean startup” groups and 1 new founders community

Today I leveraged linkedin to find out about groups that deal with the topic of lean startups and have more than 50 members. The following groups were revealed:

  1. Lean Startup – “Lean methods have shown tremendous value as developed and refined at Toyota and Honda. Many medium to large corporations in North America have utilized these methods primarily in production areas, with some secondary usage in non-production areas. Recently, Lean methods are starting to be used in startup companies as a way to become customer-centric, to eliminate/reduce waste, and to become learning organizations. This group intends to be a forum for the practice of Lean in startup and small businesses.” Owner: Andrew Cahoon ; Manager: Eric Ries
  2. Lean Startup Circle – “The Lean Startup Circle is a mailing list and set of worldwide meetups dedicated to learning more about building startups waste a minimum of resources, especially time. We closely follow the ideas espoused by Eric Ries and Steve Blank (among others).  This group is a place for members to connect on LinkedIn.  Discussions are disabled for the group. Please join the discussion on the mailing list:”
    Owner: Rich Collins
  3. Lean Startups (Lean Startup Methodology) – “The Lean Startup methodology helps startup companies to see success faster through a mixture of agile development, leveraged product development and implementing customer feedback loops.  The Lean Startup methodology combines Customer Development, Agile Development, Continuous Deployment, Minimum Viable Product Releases concepts and methodologies to produce an overall process that startup companies can follow to mitigate risks, reduce burn rates, and ultimately see success faster by building solutions that customers truly need and are willing to pay for.  The group is open to everyone, with a focus on networking, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge, and helping others to learn about this methodology and the benefits that it offers.
    Owner: Randy Whitcroft

Not directly related to lean startups, but a kind of knowledge/experience sharing community for founders of startups:

  • Foundora – “… is not just a blog, but a knowledge hub in the making. This is where we come together and get the founders of start-ups to spill the beans about everything – right from the launching to building and growing their companies. We aim to make it a central place for aspiring entrepreneurs, social media geeks, and web start-up guys, so they can get to learn from the people who’ve been through it all. In other words, they get to pick up the brains of various founders and get inspiration for their own start-up ventures.”

Please let me know, if you know other relevant and quality blogs dealing with “lean startups” in the one or the other way.

Good to be back

Quite some time ago (2004), when blogging was by far not that mainstream, I setup my own blog based on pebble – a lightweight java-based open source blogging tool. I gave up in 2005 due to lack of time and motivation. Now after roundabout 5 years of absence, I am back. Blogging reloaded.

But one thing clearly has changed: the focus. As of today, I will focus on the following topics of my uppermost interest: lean startups, innovation management, business modeling and prototyping.

Another reason to start blogging again is the fact that I am right at the beginning of writing my master thesis about a topic in the field of lean startup management. I am expecting a tough journey the next three months and planning to document key findings from research and practice along the way. Stay tuned.